Youth Aikido Program

For kids & teens, ages 8-15

Tuesdays afternoons on Zoom

Contact us for details

“Wonderful dojo, wonderful people, wonderful experience for our family.” – Dawn H., parent

“The kids gain physical strength and confidence and also learn important
emotional and psychological skills.” – Erika E., parent

The Youth Aikido Program is currently meeting on Zoom in order to protect our students from potential Covid exposure. In-person classes will resume when safety permits.

“Our daughter has been training with Azzia Walker Sensei since last summer, and it’s hard to overstate how beneficial the experience has been for her. The confidence in and enthusiasm for the art that she communicates is wonderful to see in terms of her development as a human being, and is deeply moving from the more specific perspective of a parent watching his child discover a practice that brings her such joy. Azzia truly, fully sees our daughter for who she is, and that kind of unstinting embrace of our daughter’s personhood is clearly infused throughout the entire training experience.”
— Mike Jung, parent and children’s book author