All Girls Aikido FAQ

How much does membership cost?

After the free trial class, membership is $75/month.

How many classes per month does this cover?

We require All Girls Aikido students to attend at least 2 classes per week. There’s no upper limit – if your child can come to 4 classes a week, that’s wonderful, and there’s no extra charge.

What makes a good schedule?

We offer All Girls Aikido classes on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. We ask each family to pick a weekly schedule of two non-consecutive days as a consistent foundation for their child’s practice. In other words, your can choose whichever one of the following weekly schedule options works best for your family:

• Monday/Thursday
• Monday/Friday
• Tuesday/Thursday
• Tuesday/Friday

What is your attendance policy?

Bring your child to class on the two days each week that you’ve selected as her regular weekly schedule. This consistency of attendance is vital to your child’s long-term success in the program. If your daughter is sick or out of town, please contact us to let us know. In addition to her regular minimum schedule, you’re always welcome to bring your child on other days as well.

How do we get a uniform?

We have uniforms for sale at the dojo. They are $30 each – cash or check made out to Azzia Walker. Your daughter does not need a uniform for her first class, just comfortable long pants.

Can I watch classes?

You’re welcome to watch your child’s free trial class. Aside from that, we ask parents to not watch classes and to stay out of sight while class is in session – we’ve found over the years that the presence of parents, no matter how quiet, can be a significant distraction for students. We do want you to be able to see what your daughter is learning, of course, so we occasionally host special Open House classes where parents are invited in to join their children on the mat for practice.

When can we talk with the Sensei?

The best way to reach Azzia Sensei is by email. You can talk with her that way or ask for an in-person meeting. The parent-teacher relationship is important for your child’s success here, so please don’t be shy about reaching out. After your child’s free trial class, please do not try to talk with Azzia Sensei before class or during class. At those times, she needs to give her full attention to the students. If you see Azzia Sensei in the lobby after class, feel free to connect.

What can I do to support my child’s aikido practice?

Here are the most important things you can do to support your child’s success in the All Girls Aikido program:

1.) Stick to a consistent attendance schedule of at least two classes per week.

2.) Arrive on time for all classes (4pm).

3.) Make sure your child shows up at each of her classes with a clean uniform (not required for the free trial class), a water bottle, and a hair-tie if her hair is long.

There may also be times when Azzia Sensei asks you for specific help in skill building – for example, helping your child learn how to tie her belt. Apart from that, just leave it all to us!

Anything I should know about dropping off and picking up my child?

Yes! How your child approaches the dojo will have a powerful impact on her mindfulness, focus, and confidence in class, so even seemingly small details of how the drop-off is handled are important.

Drop-off happens at 4pm. When dropping your child off (except for her initial free trial class), say goodbye in the lobby and let her walk into the dojo on her own. She will bow in at the doorway to the dojo and help to set up the space for practice, with the help and guidance of her fellow students.

You’ll come back at 5:30pm to pick your child up (also in the lobby). It can be tempting to interact with your child while she is still in the dojo, but please refrain from doing so until she has bowed out of the dojo space and joined you in the lobby.

For the safety of the children, and because of the policies of the building management, we can’t have children leaving the building alone to be picked up. Please come into the lobby at 5:30 to pick up your child, and please let your child know that it’s important that they remain in the dojo space or in the lobby until you come in for them.

Please talk with the Sensei if there are any problems with pickup – for example, if you need your child to be more punctual about changing and getting ready to leave after class. The girls tend to socialize in the dressing room – this is good for their sense of community, but we want to make sure you’re not kept waiting if you have somewhere to be.

Can you recommend any books?

Yes. Here are two good ones to begin with: Journey to the Heart of Aikido and Mastery. These are books for adults. Your kids will be getting their lessons in the dojo, although older kids who are good readers might also enjoy Journey to the Heart of Aikido.

Are there opportunities for parent involvement?

Yes! We want you to enjoy the Aikido Shusekai dojo community, and to have a sense of what your daughter is learning. We occasionally host Open House classes, where parents can join their children on the mat for practice. We also host three Aikido Shusekai Community Dinners a year at a local sushi restaurant – parents of All Girls Aikido students are encouraged to attend these dinners when possible, and siblings and friends are also welcome. Check the Events page to see what is coming up.

And one of the best ways to be involved in the dojo community is to start practicing aikido yourself, in our adult classes. When your child gets old enough, she can join you in those classes, too!